Does your logo and branding colour scheme make a statement about who you are and the services/products you offer?

Do you feel confident showcasing this representation or are you embarrassed that it doesn’t quite do the job?

Name, logo style and colour choices are important building blocks in developing a great business.  Branding and excellent service/product are the keystones but I will cover this topic in another blog.

Everybody has a story behind their logo, whether it is simple and clear cut  (eg. I like squares and the colour blue) or it came about by some philosophical means (I was on top of a mountain in Nepal and saw this amazing shape in the clouds and knew it was the answer I was seeking).

How does your logo stack up and do you think it has impacted on the success of your business?

The logo for Dream Creative Designs had a previous life before becoming the rainbow of colour it is today. Just backtracking for a moment, some years ago I operated a business in North Queensland, Australia called Northern Type & Design. The logo colours were blue and yellow and the design incorporated a hand rendered palm tree, beach etc which was representative of where I lived and the tropical lifestyle.  I didn’t overthink it and remained true to how positive I was feeling about the establishment of my business and working professionally with clients in a relaxed environment. It worked well for me for a long time.

Years later after scaling down to start a family, I relaunched my business as Dream Creative Designs. Many of my existing customers are corporate or small business owners so I targeted both the design and the colour of my new logo to this market based on research of colour/design and it’s impact on business success.

The logo consisted of a 3D round ball in red with the name strategically placed but I just wasn’t “feeling it”, didn’t feel it was true to me and what I could offer my clients. As a result, I rarely handed out business cards and promoted myself as it just didn’t “feel” right.

Over the years, for the most part, I have learnt to trust my “gut instinct” but whenever I have second guessed myself, it has never worked out. This choice of what I thought my logo should look like instead of what I wanted it to look like is a perfect example.

I LOVE many colours and don’t have one favourite.  I do lean towards purples in various shades, have been rather partial to reds, especially deep, provocative reds, the kind you find in the highlights of red wine in a glass, and in contrast, I just adore a popping yellow!  I go through stages but see the beauty in all colours from combinations of sea greens and blues, sunset oranges and reds to fun brights and demure pastels.

In the same way I love many colours, I also love many things. I cannot be pigeon-holed. I love quiet nights at home, wild nights partying, classical music, chilled blues, pop and rock (some of it heavy), fine dining in beautiful restaurants or watching the sun go down with an icy cold beer and a plate of prawns. It doesn’t matter, it is all fun and different and inspiring.

This diversity made me think that it is exactly what Dream Creative Designs should represent. Diversity represents who I am and and the clients I work with.

Never underestimate the power of colour. It evokes a reaction, shift in mood, a memory….how wonderful and limitless this can be!

As a result of these thoughts and staying true to myself, the colourful Dream Creative Designs logo was born.

For another take on colour and just how powerful it is, have a look at this link to get you thinking.