New Sunshine Coast Drone business Dronescape is ready to get amongst it.

Recently I had the opportunity to create this Drone logo for business owner Shaun McNamara. Shaun knew exactly what he wanted, being very specific about his requirements from shape to aspect to colour palette, right down to the background landscape. The end result was a logo that will be the basis for all Dronescape branding, produced just as he had envisioned it.

What I loved about this project was that Shaun was very clear from the outset about his vision.

Super-organised, he gave me examples of styles and colours that he was leaning to and not once did I hear those dreaded words for a Designer,  “I will know it when I see it”. The flipside of this was that my creative freedom was reigned in a little and I had to let go of any ideas I preferred but when I accepted this, it was relatively easy to do just that, let it go and respect the choices of my client. Happy client, happy me. (Note: I am not always this chilled, sometimes if client choices are what I would consider detrimental to their business image, I would gently steer them in a different direction).

So Shaun is ready to take flight and he is in good company, getting amongst the emergence of businesses adopting these giant buzzing mosquitoes.  Drones are a reflection of our global evolution.  Used wisely, combined with cutting edge science and innovation, they are proving to be a valuable tool in capturing landscape imagery, exploration, search and rescue and numerous other applications that will simply blow your mind.

Check out how Google plans to beam 5G internet from solar drones here and as you take all this in, whether it be with curiosity, enthusiasm or trepidation, it is worth remembering that the only thing constant in this world is change and hopefully, always for good.