Many people who live outside of Australia think Kangaroos roam all over the place here, in our cities and country towns, but this isn’t entirely true. You would rarely see a Kangaroo in the city, if you did, it would have lost it’s way.

But on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia we get to say hello to resident Kangaroos at my daughters’ school every day. We have to be careful when driving to school as they are often jumping in between cars to get from the school to the adjoining University grounds.

In the mornings groups of up to 10 Kangaroos can usually be found on the oval (playing field) feeding on the fresh dew-kissed grass, but sometimes our children have to forego their playground activities because there are so many of them taking up the playing space, lazing around and often with cute little Joeys in their pouch.

The Kangaroos are quite large and have been know to “Box” (stand up and kick or punch) so the school kids are told to give them a wide berth and not pat them.

That said, we are all comfortable having them around and feel blessed that we get to see such an amazing sight each day. Only in Australia!


My daughter Jenna outside the school gate with one of the Kangaroos.